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    Our guarantee
    The maximum session number with Mind Management is five for each individual issue to be addressed. If significant progress is not made in 5 sessions then the client will be referred to another qualified practitioner. It is your guarantee of our explicit intention to address your issue within the five sessions and not let the therapy process continue indefinitely.

    What is each session/s duration?
    Each session is typically 1-1 ½ hours with the initial session lasting up to 2 hours.

    Is Hypnosis safe?
    Hypnosis is a completely safe process when handled by a qualified therapist. It is a completely natural NOT altered state for the client and it is important that the client knows that it is them that is in control at all times, not the therapist. It is part of the therapist’s duty of care to ensure that the client is aware of how Hypnosis works and any possible issues that could arise before undergoing hypnosis.

    What is supposed to happen during Hypnosis and can you tell me about the process?
    What is typical during Hypnosis is complete relaxation where the mind and the physical body slow down and relax. Involuntary movements are common during this process as the unconscious mind is being accessed and performing it’s work. It is in this state where Hyper-suggestibility becomes possible. This process can vary in duration and the therapist can tell by body movements etc how the process is progressing and in which direction the client needs to go in. This of course is established during pre hypnosis dialogue where framing and reframing occurs with the client and the therapist guides them in how to access their own resources in order to facilitate healing.

    How will I feel during Hypnosis ?
    If the framing and reframing is done correctly the client should feel calm and relaxed as the mind and the body relax and process. At times (depending on the issue at hand), abnormal reactions (Abreactions) can be encountered and it is the job of the skilled therapist to guide the client through the process and ensure the session is completed when the unconscious mind has dealt with this issue at hand and reframing has been successful.

    How will I feel after Hypnosis?
    Results vary for each individual and can vary from session to session but nearly everyone experiences a feeling of relaxation and calmness that not everyone feels often nowadays. Many people comment after each session that they ‘feel incredibly relaxed and that they feel different and more positive but are not sure in what way’. If we have been successful in the process the clients negative condition will be changed to a more positive situation and should continue to be integrated over the ensuing period. The ‘processing’ of the issue being dealt with can often continue for some time afterwards and the therapist will be there to offer support if necessary.

    Can I use Hypnosis if I am on other forms of therapy and/or Pharmaceutical Drugs?
    It is recommended that if a client is undergoing any other form of therapy that could conflict with Hypnotherapy then the client must inform us so that we can discuss the situation with the client’s therapist or the client gain approval to work with us. Likewise, if the client is on medication that may conflict with Hypnotherapy then we must gain permission from the client’s GP to work with the client. There are some types of drugs that we just cannot use in conjunction with Hypnotherapy and it is part of our Duty of Care to ensure there are no risks to the client. This is typically done via a phone conversation with the client prior to session 1.

    Is there any follow up after each session if I have any issues or concerns?
    We are available at any time to support the client 24/7. The client is provided with all contact details prior to session 1.

    What are the methods of Payment ?
    Credit Card (except Amex), EFTPOS, Cash.